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September 11th, 2005

We Remember!!!


Ok, so I wanted to do this memorial layout kinda thing in remembrance for 4 years ago today, but I've been watching football all day!! (By the way, Packers PISS ME OFF!! But at leave Minn-haha and Denver lost!!)

Anyways...four years ago today, our world got turned inside out and upside down. We were attacked on our own soil...the first time in 60 years. Life as we knew was gone. We became fearful of another attack, and my living in the Motor City and having lots of family working for the Big 3 became VERY scared bc they said we could be a target. Thankfully we weren't. Soon there after those towers fell, the Pentagon got hit, and Flight 93 went in a Pennsylvania field...our President George W Bush sent troops over to start fighting the terrorists and this became known as the 'War on Terror.' Many poeple critisized Bush, but I believe he did the right thing. If he had done nothing, the next attack would have been worse, and there WOULD have another attack. He knew the only way to protect America is to send troops to find and fight Bin Laden and Saddam. I also believe there was weapons of mass destruction and Saddam knew we were looking for them and therefore he destroyed or hid them very well.

I also HATE when people say that innocent people are being killed..ITS WAR..DUH!!! And what about the innocent victims in the towers, pentagon, and flight 93??? They weren't innocent?? As for the Soldiers, they are over doing what they want to do. They were not drafted...they knew when they signed up for the Army, Navy, Marines, ect...that this may happen. So don't even sit there and tell me about all the poor troops who are dieing and lets get them home. YES I want them home safely, but not before we are finished over there, and it will be YEARS before we're even close to finished. And YES I support the troops and all that they stand for, but if they die in battle...then they are heros who died for your freedom and who died doing what they signed up for. And YES I am terribly sorry and sympathetic for the ones who have died and for thier families. When they took that oath... and got deployed...they knew they may never see thier families again. I do not want to sound bitchy or crass or evil. I'm just being realistic. They're not 'poor troops' they are defending YOUR freedom!!! They are BRAVE & COURAGEOUS TROOPS!!!

When you start thinking this war is a lost cause, remember what happened 4 years today!!! I've been looking at pics all week...and I can't help but cry when I think about what those people in New York went through. What about all the babies who have no father or mother bc of the men who hijacked those planes?? Tons of children are growing up with only one parent or niether...and you think we shouldn't have done anything in retaliation?? Tell that to those children. "Oh, I know you're mommy died in a terror attack..but we're not going to anything about it." Thats like watching someone murder someone else and not even giving them probation!!!

As you can tell I am VERY opinionated on this subject. It pisses me off SOOO much when people bad talk the war and Bush. Especially those damn Dixie Bitches. "They're ashamed Bush is from Texas" Well, I'm ashamed they're from the US. They are a disgrace to this country to say something like that!!! Larry the Cable Guy said it best - "You're country singers...you have a very patriotic fan base. Saying something against the President & the war, is like going to a trailer park and yelling 'WALMART SUCKS' through a mega phone!!"

And hears a lil fact for you...there have been less than 2,000 in Iraq. The media is making shit up about fire fights and such things.

Probably one of the reasons I'm so opinionated about it now is because I know someone who is going into the Army. Ray has become a very close friend and I love him to death and I support and respect him whole heartedly for going over to fight for this country!!! As do I respect ALL the armed services for doing what they love and want to do!!!

Please whenever you read this, take a moment of silence for the ones who have died on September 11th and the ones who have died since. And after that say a short(or long) prayer for those who are still over there fighting!!!



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